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Welcome to our review of the best commercial blenders. The main difference between a Commercial blender and a normal blender is that they are more durable, rugged, and faster in operation. Although commercial blenders may be more expensive, however, they’re worth the price especially if you’re using it for commercial purposes.

So, if you’re looking for the best commercial blenders to buy, you just found the right place.

Buyers Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying a Commercial Blender

Type of Commercial Blender: Commercial blenders come in three types. These are food blenders, bar blenders, and immersion blenders.

Food blenders are intended for more frequent use and are able to withstand constant activity without packing up. This is on the grounds that they are utilized to mix thick foods and can likewise slash up hard ingredients like carrots or even ice.

Consequently, they normally have extremely amazing engines (1000 watts or more) and bunches of presets to help rearrange the food-making process.

On the other hand, bar blenders are not extremely rock solid since they are for the most part used to make light beverages and smoothies. This implies they have less incredible engines, with a rating of fewer than 1000 watts. Some even component glass containers for better permeability of the beverages inside.

Immersion blenders are not generally utilized however are truly adept at hacking up delicate food and creams. Their most prominent preferred position, in any case, is that they are not constrained by container size.

Their suspended turning sharp edges can be submerged in containers of various sizes and in this manner, you should simply choose a substantial unit with the goal that it can serenely mix various amounts of nourishment in an unexpected way estimated pitchers.

Power: More power is in every case great to have, however it doesn’t really improve the blender. Recollect that more power implies more energy utilization and accordingly, higher energy bills. The best decision ought to rely upon your commercial necessities.

In view of that, 1 – 1.5 HP evaluated blenders (approximately 750 – 1000 watts) are perfect for planning light foods of around 75 servings for each day while 2 HP blenders (1500 watts) are useful for medium-thick food arrangement of up to 100 servings for each day.

The amazing 3.5 HP blenders top the pack with the capacity to get ready substantial food and drinks, with a yield of in excess of 100 servings for each day. This should control you on the item to purchase as per your business size.

Capacity: A blender’s container capacity, at last, decides the number of servings that you can make per the mixing cycle. On the off chance that you favor making little servings per time, a little 32 to 48-ounce pitcher is perfect for that.

Be that as it may, in the event that you need to plan enormous clusters of nourishment at once, you should choose a blender with a huge container of around 80 ounces, going up. On the other hand, you can utilize a submersion blender, which can plan nourishment in an unexpected way measured pitchers.

Material: Commercial blender containers are either comprised of glass or plastic. Glass is extremely sensitive, yet in addition clear and doesn’t stain after some time.

Then again, plastic can stain after some time, particularly when presented to hot nourishment, however, it is modest and increasingly solid since it doesn’t break effectively.

Noise Level: A tranquil blender is positively superior to a boisterous one. There is no uncertainty about that. Hence, on the off chance that you need to hold the noise down in your bar or eatery, purchase a blender that has a noise shield and other sound-hosing highlights.

Control: Commercial and every other blender, as a rule, must have controls for working the unit. Some have flip switches, which are easy to utilize however are restricted, including fewer capacities and no robotized highlights.

Dials, buttons, and touchpads give you a more extensive exhibit of mixing capacities to browse, including variable power levels and make the blender a superior answer for business needs.

Be that as it may, the best sort of controls is programmable and coordinated settings, which give you computerized works over the mixing procedure. This makes such a blender perfect for high volume organizations where comparable nourishments are made all through. Such blenders, however, come at a significant expense.

Best Commercial Blenders Compilation Chart



Where to Buy

Waring Commercial Blender

waring commercial blenders

Very powerful commercial blender with a 3.5 horsepower motor, an ultra-aggressive stainless-steel blade, and a 64-ounce shatterproof plastic pitcher

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Isun Aimores Commercial Blender

commercial blender

Relatively affordable commercial blender with a large 75-ounce jar that is innovatively designed to improve the circulation inside for good blending quality

Hamilton Beach 58870 Professional Blender


10-speed professional blender with a relatively powerful 1500-watt motor and a sound shield that dampens most of the noise to make it super quiet

Vitamix Advanced Commercial Blender

vitamix commercial blender

Very costly Vitamix blender with 6 variable speeds and an automatic shut off feature that powers it down after a specified amount of time for consistency

New Age Living BL1800 Commercial Blender

new age living

Heavy-duty commercial blender with a powerful 3.5 horsepower motor, 6 stainless steel blades and a large, shatterproof 85-ounce container

Aicook Multifunctional Commercial Blender

aicook commercial blender

Very versatile commercial blender with 8 presets, 7 variable speeds, a pulse control, a built-in timer and a self-cleaning function for easy use and maintenance

Juschef Professional High-Speed Commercial Blender

commercial blender

Comes with 8 built-in presets, a 360° heating system and a 56-ounce high borosilicate glass pitcher that is healthier to use as compared to plastic jars

Best Commercial Blender in Capacity

Waring MX1000XTX 

waring commercial blenders

Power: 2610 watts| Speed: 2 speeds| Capacity: 64 ounces| Material: Plastic

Waring’s MX1000XTX stands apart as outstanding amongst other commercial blenders since it has an exceptionally amazing 3.5 strength engine, which means around 2610 watts of intensity.

This gives you a great deal of ice and solidified natural product pounding torque available to you, making it extremely perfect for business.

Also, the unit has a shatterproof, BPA-free and dishwasher safe pitcher, which implies that it can withstand a ton of effect from the turning ice and natural products inside.

It additionally implies that it is protected to utilize, and exceptionally simple to clean after use. This pitcher is very enormous, with a limit of 64 ounces and this makes it reasonable for making a huge clump of nourishment for different clients.

As far as to use, the MX1000XTX includes extremely straightforward controls, which incorporate high and low speed, in addition to a heartbeat set to give you some manual power over the mixing procedure.

In spite of the fact that it comes up short on any preset, this straightforward arrangement makes it exceptionally simple to utilize. Different highlights incorporate an ultra-forceful treated steel cutting edge and a removable holder top with a removable clear top for including more fixings inside as the blender is running. On the drawback, this item is moderately costly, yet it has a great deal of capacity to appear for it.

Pros Cons
Very powerful motor. No presets
Large 64-ounce pitcher expensive

Power: 1100 watts| Speed: 6 speeds| Capacity: 75 ounces| Material: Plastic

Isun’s Aimores is a moderately reasonable commercial blender and this is generally in light of the fact that it includes a moderately less ground-breaking 1100-watt engine. Be that as it may, what the item needs in terms of intensity, compensates for it in the pitcher design.

First of all, the container is very enormous in capacity, estimating in at 75 ounces, and it is intended to make 4 vortices that bring all the nourishment down to the sharp edges through the center for an all the more in any event, blending in all cases.

The aftereffect of this is an exceptionally fine and smooth surface in your smoothies. Also, 6 thickened hardened steel edges are utilized to do the devastating, with 2 of them being horn sharp edges, another 2 are serrated with a descending end and the last 2 being drawn out cutting edges with an upward end, bringing about predominant squashing power.

As far as to use, this unit is very stacked with various highlights that incorporate 6 variable rates, 6 pre-modified settings (counting a smoothie setting) and an LED display with a blue backdrop illumination for simple survey during the program determination. Different highlights incorporate an inherent clock and a heartbeat work that gives you absolute power over the mixing procedure.

Pros Cons
Relatively affordable Less powerful 1100-watt motor
Pitcher design creates vortices that improve the blending quality No sound-shield

Power: 2610 watts| Speed: N/A| Capacity: 85 ounces| Material: Plastic

In the event that you are searching for a rock-solid commercial blender, New Age Living’s BL1800 is probably the best alternative to consider. This is on the grounds that the unit has an incredible 3.5 torque engine (roughly 2610 watts) with an unadulterated copper center that makes it super-conductive and in this way, exceptionally proficient, bringing about a quick turn that can go up to 35000 RPM.

On the upper side, a huge, shatterproof, and BPA-free 85-ounce container is utilized to contain the fixings, and it highlights 6 tempered steel cutting edges at the base that are extremely viable at beating ice and hard, solidified organic products. Two of the 6 sharp edges have serrated edges, and these simply enhance the devastating intensity of this blender.

Joined with the above highlights, this makes it the first-class commercial blender in this survey. As far as control, the BL1800 has no pre-modified settings, yet it has a plain factor speed dial that solitary shows the base and most extreme speed settings, giving you a chance to choose through a wide exhibit of paces in the middle. Heartbeat control is likewise included for manual control.

Pros Cons
Very powerful 3.5 horsepower motor No presets
Large shatterproof and BPA-free 85-ounce container No automatic shut-off

Best Commercial Blenders in Speed

Hamilton Beach


Power: 1500 watts| Speed: 10 speeds| Capacity: 32 ounces| Material: Plastic

Hamilton Beach’s 58870 highlights a moderately incredible 2 strength engine (1500 watts), which controls the blender through 10 variable paces marked from 1 to 10.

These rates are anything but difficult to choose to utilize a dial, with 1 being the slowest and 10 the quickest. Be that as it may, even at the quickest speed of 10 (more than 105 mph), this blender works quietly in light of the fact that it has a removable noise shield, which covers the entire mixing container.

This hoses the noise brought about by the turning activity inside as the food is being squashed by the sharp edges. Aside from having 10 speeds, this unit likewise includes 4 pre-customized settings, which incorporate puree, smash, and smoothie, giving you one-contact capacities for simple use. The fourth preset is a spotless capacity, which gives you a chance to turn the blender with cleanser and water inside in order to self-clean.

Additionally, a heartbeat setting is incorporated for manual control however paying little mind to the setting that you pick, the commotion shield guarantees that all activities run quietly. Limit shrewd, the 58870 highlights a 32-ounce pitcher, which may be somewhat little to make enormous bunches of nourishment in a café, yet despite everything it works. On the brilliant side, this container is shatterproof and BPA-free for safe use.

Pros Cons
10 variable speeds Small 32-ounce jar
A sound shield makes it very quiet

Power: 900 watts| Speed: 9 speeds| Capacity: 56 ounces| Material: Glass

Juschef’s rapid blender is the most reasonable business unit in this audit however this doesn’t imply that it is a low-quality item. Truth be told, it has the absolute best highlights that remember 8 for fabricated presets for making smoothies, shakes, soups, soymilk, infant nourishment, margarine, and sauces.

These are for the most part simple to choose on an exceptionally instinctive touch board and LCD screen, which is illuminated for simple to utilize even in dim rooms. The blender likewise has a 360° warming system that empowers you to warm soymilk, infant nourishment, soups and so forth so they can be devoured hot straight out of the container, rather than warming them again in the wake of mixing.

As far as to the capacity, this expert unit includes a 56-ounce high borosilicate glass pitcher, which is more beneficial to use than a plastic container, and it has 6 genius hardened steel sharp edges that give it prevalent pounding power.

Pros Cons
Durable Delicate glass pitcher
Easy to use touch panel and LCD screen

Best Commercial Blenders in Control

Vitamix 5086

vitamix commercial blender

Power: 1500 watts| Speed: 6 speeds| Capacity: 32 ounces| Material: Plastic

Vitamix’s 5086 is a significant costly business blender, however, it conveys all the quality and sturdiness includes that imply any Vitamix blender. For example, the unit has a 2-strength engine (1500 watts), which is very incredible and enough for business mixing needs. This motor supplies its torque to a lot of solidified treated steel cutting edges that have an encased packaging with fixed metal balls.

Such an arrangement guarantees, that all the active energy from the engine is proficiently moved to the sharp edges for predominant pummeling power. For controls, the 5086 highlights 6 variable speeds that empower you to make smoothies and different beverages to have various surfaces.

These rates are effectively chosen to utilize a turn dial and have a programmed closed off element that gives you a chance to control it on then leave, leaving it to control itself down after some time for reliable outcomes on each mixing cycle. Different highlights incorporate a BPA-free 32-ounce holder and a heartbeat control that gives you manual control when mixing your nourishment.

Pros Cons
Relatively powerful 1500-watt motor Very expensive
6 variable speeds plus pulse control Small 32-ounce pitcher

Power: 1400 watts | Speed: 7 speeds| Capacity: 60 ounces| Material: Glass

Aicook’s multifunctional blender is the most adaptable commercial blender in this survey since it has a great deal of pre-modified settings that mechanize the mixing procedure when making sauces, juice, nut margarine, smoothies, child food, DIY milk, soup, and plunges.

This implies you get an aggregate of 8 presets and moreover, the unit has an 800-watt warming capacity that gives you a chance to warm the infant food, DIY milk, soups and plunges as you mix the ingredients. As far as rates, this item has 7 variable ones that are anything but difficult to choose to utilize a turn dial, and it has an in-assembled clock that enables you to time the variable settings in order to accomplish predictable outcomes each time you mix.

On the upper side, a 60-ounce glass pitcher accompanies this unit and it has a Tin covered cutting edge system with 6 sharp edges that are erosion safe, giving them a long life expectancy of 6000 mixing cycles. Different highlights incorporate a heartbeat work and a self-cleaning highlight for simpler storage.

Pros Cons
7 variable speeds plus pulse control No noise shield feature
800-watt heating function

How We Picked

We relied on the opinion of experts and feedback from user’s based on three options: Control, Speed, and Capacity

More facts and data about these commercial blenders were gotten from deep research and online reviews. With the result and feedback we got, we were able to rank each product according to the standard we set.

Looking at our review, each commercial blender has been carefully categorized according to our research results. Also, take note that the blenders that didn’t meet our standard were not included among this list.

Frequently Asked Questions

What number of watts should a blender be?

Most of family unit models fall inside 500 to 750 watts, however, alternatives run from 300 to as high as 1,500 watts. High wattage blenders often cost more than their low watt counterparts, so it might appear progressively costly equivalents a better blender

Does wattage make a difference for blenders?

The intensity of a blender is estimated in watts. The higher the wattage the all the more dominant the blender ought to be. In case you’re searching for a super-smooth mixing of hard things like rice, vegetables, and grains, buy the most noteworthy wattage you can afford. Blenders can have upwards of 10 rates, however not every person needs that many.

Is more wattage better?

The higher the wattage, the more brilliant the lamp, yet in addition the more power it employs. The proficiency of this system was presented utilizing radiant lights. For example 40 Watt incandescent light delivers just 380-460 lumens and utilizations 40 Watts of energy every hour.


If you’ve read this review, it implies you’re looking for a commercial blender and we believe you must have found some among our list that meets your need.

Although commercial blenders are very similar to their residential counterparts, they’re constructed with more power and enhanced features which makes them more durable and suitable for commercial purposes.

However, before selecting any of these blenders to buy, we suggest you take a second look at each product again and this time pay closer attention to its features, pros, and cons before you purchase.