Best Pitching Machines of 2024


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Welcome to our guide on the best pitching machines. Pitching machines are mainly used by baseball players during training to improve there hitting ability. For this reason and to get the best result out of your training section, the best pitching machine ought to be in place.

In this post, we’ve reviewed 10 of the most popular and effective pitching machines money can buy.

So, without further ado, here is the list of the best pitching machines available in the market today.

Buying Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying a Pitching Machine

Development: The construction of the machine is a fundamental thought to pay special mind to. The machine ought to be built from the highest caliber of material for long haul administration. Think of one as planned from uncompromising steel for quite a long time of administration. The machine should likewise include movable legs for the simple transformation of the machine.

Adaptability and Compatibility: A perfect pitching machine is one that should fit all degrees of players. The machine should be perfect for children and grown-ups. Other than this, it additionally needs to suit all degrees of players from fledglings to experts. With such a kind of machine, you can utilize it for group practice. The machine additionally should be generally perfect with both baseball and softballs all things considered. It ought to suit 11-inches and 12-inches ball sizes.

Weight: The heaviness of the machine is another thought to pay special mind to. Since the pitching machines are generally utilized outside in the patio and fields, you have to think about a lightweight plan. With a convenient machine, you can generally utilize it anyplace required.

Speed: The pitching machines have been intended to work at various rates; henceforth you have to locate the best pick that conveys top speed. There are machines that convey up to 85 MPH; consequently phenomenal for all degrees of players. You can likewise discover different machines with low pitching paces of 30 MPH. With these determinations, you can generally locate the perfect choice. A machine with variable speed is constantly suggested.

The other fundamental contemplations to look at incorporate the number of balls included, sort of feeder (manual or/and programmed), cost, and the guarantee of the machine among others.

Best Pitching Machine Compilation Chart

Name Features Where to Buy

Trend Sports New Version 2.0 Sandlot Pro 4-in-1


  • 4-in-1 machine
  • Simple set-up
  • Great for all ages and levels
  • Rugged construction
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SKLZ Catapult Soft Toss Baseball and Softball Batting and Fielding Trainer


  • Rugged built
  • Perfect training tool
  • Holds up to 11 baseballs
  • Versatile training tool
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Louisville Slugger Black Flame Pitching Machine


  • Interchangeable components
  • Speed of 50 MPH
  • Widely compatible
  • Durable construction
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Hit Zone Jr Baseball – Softball – T Ball Air Powered Batting Tee

hit zone

  • Adjustable machine
  • 9-inch fabric sleeve
  • 110V plug
  • 12 plastic lightweight dimpled training balls
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Jugs Small-Ball Pitching Machine


  • Heavy-duty steel built
  • 23 lbs. in weight
  • 1-year warranty
  • Adjustable legs
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Jugs Jr. EX Baseball Pitching Machine

jugs jr ex

  • Swivel base
  • Variable speed motor
  • Heavy-duty digital control
  • 75 lbs in weight
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Franklin Sports MLB

franklyn sport

  • Stable ground stakes
  • Tripod style base
  • Telescopic ball feeder
  • Six aero-strike plastic baseballs
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BSN Bulldog Baseball/Softball Pitching Machine

bsn bulldog

  • Heavy-duty legs
  • Durable urethane wheels
  • 110V AC
  • Lightweight design
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JUGS Lite-Flite Machine for Baseball and Softball

juds lite

  • Simulated speed of 85 mph
  • 3 amplifier motor
  • 35 lbs in weight
  • Lightweight design
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Franklin Sports MLB Electronic Baseball Pitching Machine



  • Height adjustment
  • Six aero-strike balls
  • Flashing red indicator
  • 7-second pitches
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Best Pitching Machines in Weight

JUGS Lite-Flite


juds lite

Do you need the perfect pitching machine that can toss balls every which way? This flexible machine has been intended to toss the two balls and softballs every which way. It can toss fastballs in the left and right-gave in addition to sliders and curves.

Also, the machine is appropriate for the two children and grown-ups from the age of 8 or more. With a reproduced speed of 85 MPH at 25 feet, it conveys fantastic speed expected by all players.

In addition, the machine includes a 1.3 enhancer engine for upgraded execution. The heaviness of 35 lbs makes it incredible for utilize anyplace required. It can deal with 11-inches or 12-inches light flite balls, light flite softballs, and JUGS bulldog poly-balls. Because of the lightweight structure, it is suitable for sharpening swings of the cutting-edge hitters.

Pros Cons
Lightweight design expensive
3 amplifier motor

Hit Zone

hit zone

Is it accurate to say that you are searching for the best machine to improve the child’s batting and pitching experience? This is an expert machine prescribed for kids matured 2 to 7 years; thus an incredible pick. The machine is perfect for kids who are simply beginning and gives the best experience ever.

It furnishes you with a sum of 12 plastic lightweight balls to improve the gaming experience. The machine is prescribed for both indoor and open-air use. Throughout the winter, you can without much of a stretch introduce it in the storm cellar to keep the children locked in. All the more curiously, the machine includes a 9-inch textured sleeve.

With this, the ball goes straight through in any event, when you hit on the “T”. Because of the lightweight and ergonomic plan, it is an effectively convenient machine that will serve the children longer similarly true to form. With two statures, it is an adaptable machine that suits all children.

Pros Cons
Adjustable machine For children
12 plastic lightweight dimpled training balls

BSN Bulldog

bsn bulldog

The development of a pitching machine is a need to look at when purchasing the machines. This is a profoundly solid machine on account of hardcore and tough development. It, in this manner, offers long haul administration similarly true to form.

With the hardcore legs, you can without much of a stretch proselyte the machine from softball to a baseball pitcher. It likewise has sturdy urethane wheels that guide in killing pneumatic stress issues.

The lightweight structure of the machine makes it amazing for pitching anyplace without hardly lifting a finger. It runs on 110 Volt AC to guarantee that it conveys incredible speed required. Also, the machine tosses 12-inches softballs and 11-inches balls. It can toss at a speed of 30-60 MPH, which suits it for all clients.

Pros Cons
Lightweight design expensive
30-60 MPH speed

Best Pitching Machines in Construction

SKLZ Catapult


To upgrade your hitting precision, this is an ideal pitching machine you have to give it a shot. The machine has been intended to construct better visual keenness and realize better hitting exactness. Second, to this, the machine is prescribed for both baseball and softballs; thus a flexible machine for various players.

The machine is perfect for getting a couple of cuts during the pregame. You can likewise utilize it for playing the pepper in the warm-ups. With a limit of up to 11 baseballs, it gives amazing administrations as you don’t have to sustain the balls without fail.

All the more curiously, the machine additionally achieves better dexterity, making it an extraordinary machine for training. It can without much of a stretch hurl distinctive ball sizes and loads, which makes it brilliant for all clients.

Pros Cons
Rugged built Not suitable for hard balls
Holds up to 11 baseballs

Franklin Sports

franklyn sport

With this incredible pitching machine, you find a workable pace and abilities in the youthful players. The machine is incredible for use for children of various ages. It tends to be utilized in the patio or for the movement group on account of the lightweight.


Including an adjustable ball feeder that can extend to hold up nine balls, which makes it an incredible pick for the youthful players. The machine likewise accompanies six air strike plastic balls. To shield the machine safe from tipping, it includes a steady ground stake and tripod style base for included steadiness.

The quality machine is exceptionally tough since it is developed from solid steel material. You can without much of a stretch set the machine to an assigned edge to offer better hitting and handling experience. It is additionally ideal for the delicate pitch, fastpitch, pop flies, and ground balls.

Pros Cons
Stable ground stakes For kids
Telescopic ball feeder

Jugs Small-Ball


Highlighting a 25-ball programmed and manual feeder, this is an extraordinary pitching machine that will suit you better. It is proper for all shoots ground and fly-balls. The little machine is perfect for upgrading the profundity recognition in addition to sharpening the hitting aptitudes, which makes it extraordinary for tenderfoots and expert players.

Also, the ergonomic machine is effectively versatile in gratitude to the lightweight structure. The machine can toss exact fastballs and overhand bends with a recreated speed of up to 75 MPH. Because of the quality and rock-solid steel manufactured, the machine serves for a considerable length of time.

It has movable legs that will reproduce sensible conveyance tallness; henceforth perfect for players everything being equal. It utilizes a 5-inch 5-ounce polyurethane froth ball, which is viewed as a large portion of the size of the ordinary baseball.

Pros Cons
Heavy-duty steel built low speed
23 lbs. in weight

Trends Sports New Version 4-in-1


Regardless of the age and level of play, this is a flexible pitching machine perfect for children, youngsters, and grown-ups. The machine has been intended to serve for quite a long time because of the quality and rough development.

It rushes to set-up in minutes. You can generally utilize it anyplace required since it is lightweight and convenient. Also, the 4-in-1 machine works as a ball feeder, light baseball, throwing machine, and batting confine among others.

Because of the adaptability, it is an ideal machine that suits all players. You can utilize it for preparing and pregame exercises. The ball feeder makes it simpler to encourage the balls, which wipes out the manual bolstering of balls.

Pros Cons
Great for all ages and levels expensive
Rugged construction

Best Pitching Machines in Speed



The Louisville Slugger is a multi-reason pitching machine that will suit all degrees of players. The machine has exchangeable segments for simple changing from tossing the strikes to longer balls or high fly balls. Because of this, it is appropriate for training; thus an ideal pitching machine to give it a shot.

Second, to this, the machine tosses balls at a higher speed of 50 MPH. The machine works effectively without the requirement for electrical ropes or batteries required. The machine is generally perfect as it works with the dimples, limited flight, plastic, delicate, and hard balls.

Because of the quality fabricated, it is a profoundly tough machine prescribed for all degrees of players. The machine is easy to use and extraordinary for training on account of the improved dexterity.

Pros Cons
Interchangeable components expensive
Widely compatible

Jugs Jr. EX

jugs jr ex

For incredible speed, this is an amazing machine that conveys variable speed on account of the ¼ HP engine. The machine works on a standard 110V AC, which guarantees that it conveys first-class execution. Other than this, it highlights fixed direction, which needn’t bother with oil; thus serve for more.

The machine includes a rock-solid computerized control, which makes it simple for dialing in best pitch with rates of 15 to 60 MPH. All the more strangely, the machine likewise includes a swivel base that makes it superb for both protective and hostile drills. The adaptable is suggested for use in the terrace, travel or youth ball group.

It very well may be utilized by children of 8-15 years. It is the perfect machine that tosses from a practical discharge point.

Pros Cons
Heavy-duty digital control for softballs
Variable speed motor

Franklin Sports MLB


An ideal pitching machine should be suitable for all clients. With this stature customizable machine, it very well may be utilized by all degrees of players, which makes it astounding for the two children and grown-up players.

The 7-second pitches machine is incredible for kids as it urges them to upgrade their batting abilities. The machine likewise realizes improved exactness and accuracy on the pitch. It accompanies six air strike white balls.

What’s more, it includes a blazing pointer to demonstrate when the ball pitches. It can hold up to nine balls without a moment’s delay to kill the requirement for bolstering balls unfailingly. The strong work of the machine makes it extraordinary for long haul use. It is additionally ideal for improving batting execution.

Pros Cons
Height adjustment Pricey
Flashing red indicator

How We Picked

We relied on the opinion of experts and feedback from clients based on three major factors: Speed, Construction, and Weight.

Before publishing this post, more facts and data about these pitching machines were gotten from further research and online reviews (both positive & negative). With the result and feedback, we got, we were able to rank each product according to the standard we set.

If you observe the reviews carefully, you’ll see that each machine has been carefully categorized according to our research result. However, take note that the pitchers that didn’t meet our standard were not included among this list.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quick can a pitching machine toss?

The FirstPitch 2-Wheel Curveball Pitching Machine is a substantial duty machine that can throw up to 105 MPH and different sorts of pitches. Throws baseballs (dimple balls and genuine balls), and 11″ or 12″ softballs. Throws curveballs, sliders, knuckleballs, fastballs, following fastballs and sidearm bends.

Do MLB Players use pitching machines?

Many baseball players, mentors, and parents do not like using a pitching machine because it isn’t the genuine article of confronting a live arm. That thinking is justifiable. In any case, a batting machine can be valuable for deftness, timing, and bat control when utilized effectively.

How does a pitching machine work?

On the least difficult level, the pitching machine comprises of two wheels or tires that turn inverse headings, with each wheel controlled by its own engine. A ball is hand-feed into the machine, with the end goal that the two wheels snatch or “squeeze” the ball and launch or “toss” it out the opposite side.


The pitching machines we’ve reviewed above are the best in the market and they’ll suit you better. They’re recommended for kids, teens, and adults during training. In addition, they are also compatible with different balls and are easy to use. Although, they can only accommodate ball sizes of 11-inches and 12-inches, which makes them great for baseball players especially.