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Best Android TVs of 2024


Last Updated on April 26, 2024 by Dan Scott

If you’re searching for the best Android TVs, you just found the right place. Although, with an Android TV box, you can get Android TV on virtually any device. However, there are still some TVs that come with Android TV built-in.

There are serval advantages of getting an Android TV. One of which is that they all come with Chromecasts and you’ll only need one remote control instead of two.

Having said that, if you looking for the best Android TVs to buy, here are the 5 best Android TVs available in the market right now.

Buyers Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying a Sony TV

Screen Resolution: TVs are assembled in a wide extent of destinations nowadays, yet as the resolution increase so does the cost. On the off chance that you’re getting a small TV, at that point, 720p is fine, while 1080p will work for more prominent sets. You possibly should be glancing 4K display on the occasion that you’re obtaining a TV that is more noteworthy than 55 inches. Something other than what’s expected, 1080p should work fine for you.

Smart TV Features: If you will utilize an Apple TV, Roku, or another brisk TV add-on with your android TV, by then worked in mind-blowing TV features don’t, generally, have any sort of impact. Regardless, in case you’re depending upon your display to stream Netflix, Hulu, and different associations you buy in to, ensure the set has android TV highlights—and access to the ones you utilize the most

Picture Quality: Android TVs produce top brightness of around 350-450 nits. They can get much more brilliance, with normal examinations in the 600-700 nit extent.

Best Android TV’s Compilation Chart

Name Features Where to Buy

sony a9g

Comes with in-built Chromecast Get it on Amazon
Sony X950G

sony x950g

Comes with lots of input port Get it on Amazon
Hisense H9F

hisense h9f

Great design Get it on Amazon
Hisense H8F

hisense h8f

Great image quality Get it on Amazon
Philips 803 OLED


It incorporates four HDMI-out ports Get it on Amazon

Best Android TV in Resolution

Sony A9G

sony a9g

The Sony A9G is the top decision for Android TVs. It’s Sony’s most recent OLED offering and it accompanies a metric ton of highlights. The image is remarkable and the OLED screen gives you impeccable blacks and the most elevated conceivable difference proportion for a TV.

It accompanies a thin design, better than average TV speakers, and enough HDMI ports for whatever you need. Analysts have whined about color adjustment out of the box. In any case, that is sufficiently simple to fix with a little tolerance. The Android TV experience is sure also.

You can utilize Google Assistant on any HDMI input to request whatever you need. Obviously, as most Android TVs, there is a Chromecast in-built and the TV upscales content superior to most. It has OLED, HDR, 4K, good sound quality, a lot of input port, and magnificent picture quality. The main genuine drawback is the sticker price.

Pros Cons
Comes with in-built Chromecast Expensive
magnificent picture quality

Philips OLED


It’s amazingly baffling that Philips doesn’t sell its 803 OLED TV in the United States. It’s a €1,400 OLED TV with phenomenal picture quality, average upscaling, and, similarly as with all OLEDs, a practically immaculate difference proportion. Tragically, because of accessibility, I couldn’t actually look at this one.

Hence, I’m inclining a piece on audits for my data here. The specs are as you would anticipate. It incorporates four HDMI-out ports, Chromecast worked in, and a remote with voice-actuated controls.

Philips obviously worked superbly aligning the TV’s hues as most surveys put it head to head with Sony’s and LG’s OLED contributions. Moreover, the sound quality is evidently likewise shockingly useful for a TV.

Pros Cons
It incorporates four HDMI-out ports Pricey
Chromecast worked in

Best Android TV in Design

Sony X950G

sony x950g

We’re back with Sony again for our midrange choice. It’s an LED TV with full-exhibit local dimming. That implies it doesn’t have edge lights like most LED TVs, it has a lot of lights everywhere throughout the TV that light up freely. Full cluster lighting gives LED TVs more profound blacks than most edge-lit TVs and it can do some other slick stunts.

This TV is still rather costly, yet it accompanies the merchandise. It upscales old substance well overall, has exceptional brilliance for HDR content, a wide shading range, and a better than expected differentiation proportion. Obviously, Android TV adjusts a magnificent choice of highlights.

We like this TV for its littler amenities as well. The rear of the TV legs is empty so you can conceal links. Furthermore, every one of the four HDMI ports supports HDMI 2.0, a component that is getting progressively normal however is still to some degree hard to discover reliably. It doesn’t bolster 120hz refresh rates and the review points are typically terrible, however something else, this is an unshakable TV.

Pros Cons
Four HDMI port Low refresh rate

Hisense H9F

hisense h9f

The Hisense H9F is a shockingly nice TV at its price tag. It accompanies full-exhibit nearby darkening like the considerably more costly Sony X950G and can deliver tantamount contrast and dark levels.

The image quality, top splendor, lower resolution upscaling, and colors are largely shockingly useful at a TV at this cost range. A few commentators gripe about consistency yet you shouldn’t perceive any issues except if you truly search for it.

The peripherals are acceptable too. Every one of the four HDMI ports supports HDMI 2.0. Sadly, there is no HDMI 2.1 help or eARC support, yet not a ton of TVs have those at any value run. It underpins HDR10 and Dolby Vision and that puts it directly comparable to a large portion of different TVs on this rundown. To put it plainly, it does fine.

The greatest issues we could discover remember dark and dark consistency for certain situations, sound, out of the case shading alignment, and it runs somewhat hotter than most TVs. Obviously, there are seemingly insignificant details to a great extent that the more costly TVs improve. Obviously, you’re likewise paying more than double for those seemingly insignificant details.

That makes Hisense one of the more intelligent choices for those purchasing on a financial limit, particularly when you consider that you don’t need to purchase an extra set-top box or Chromecast. You can at present get the H8F for about $150 less at the hour of this composition.

In any case, in contrast to the Sony TVs, Hisense really gains quantifiable ground and enhancements for their yearly contributions so there is a somewhat enormous distinction between the H8F and the H9F.

Pros Cons
Affordable Heats  up while working
Great design

Best Android TV in Price

Hisense H8F

hisense h8f

The Westinghouse UX4100 is a workable Android TV at its cost tag. It runs at an absolute bottom cost of $250 for the 43-inch variation and that might be the main size it comes in. Westinghouse makes bigger TVs, obviously, yet they are generally likewise Roku TVs. That makes this sort of a gem waiting to be discovered.

Its size is useful for generally littler and medium front rooms and this works incredibly as a room TV. The image quality, complexity, and brilliance are for the most part useful at its cost tag yet it presumably won’t overwhelm you.

Remember we’re in the sub $300 classification at the present time and you’re clearly making a few penances going down this low. The Android TV divide works impeccably and you can utilize it for whatever you need it for. Truly, this is a UHD TV with HDR and that implies it works with Chromecast Ultra.

Pros Cons
Great image quality non found
it works with Chromecast Ultra

How We Picked

We relied on the opinion of experts and feedback of users based on two major factors: Resolution, Price & Design

More facts and data about these Android TVs were gotten from deep research and online reviews. With the result and feedback we got, we were able to rank each product according to the standard we set.

Looking at our review, each Android TV has been carefully categorized according to our research result. Also, take note that the TVs that didn’t meet our standard were not included among this list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Android TVs any great?

Android TV Is Good Now. While regularly scorned as carriage, slow, and not as good as elective choices like the Apple TV or even the Chromecast, Android TV has been unobtrusively fixing a lot of its issues and including a heap of highlights that make it worth a subsequent look.

Which is better Android TV or Smart TV?

Android TVs work much equivalent to their smart counterparts in that they’re ready to associate with the World Wide Web. The difference? Android TV has significantly more applications accessible in light of the fact that it approaches the Google Play Store. There’s additionally the additional extravagance of the TV’s Voice Search usefulness.

Does Android TV have Netflix?

Running Android TV, Google’s TV-enhanced OS, the Nvidia Shield can playback 4K Netflix as well as other spilling administrations. You’ll also get best-in-breed gaming execution, worked in Google Cast backing and far-reaching coordination with Google Assistant – the organization’s menial helper.


If you’ve checked out the list of our best Android TVs and you’ve found one among them you’re interested in buying, at that point, ensure you check all the necessary details mentioned above before purchasing.