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Best Dash Cam of 2024


Last Updated on April 26, 2024 by Dan Scott

Welcome to our review of the best dash cam. When choosing the best dash can for your vehicle, things can get complicated. So, to make your search straightforward, we’ve reviewed for you 8 of the best dash can available in the market today.

So, if you’re looking for the best dash cam to buy, you just found the right place.

Buyers Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying a Dash Cam

Video Quality: The nature of the video is the most significant component of a dash cam. A decent dash cam has great resolution and clear video output. Grainy video and indiscernible sound will do you no favors, and such film will be pointless in protection and mishap claims. You should mean to get a dash cam with a phenomenal camera and decent video resolution. Search for cameras that shoot in top-notch, 720p or 1080p. A none HD dash cam is less expensive, yet with a grainy video output, it nullifies the point. At the point when you set out to purchase a dash cam, ensure you survey recorded recordings before purchasing.

Storage Capacity: Since the dash cam is continually recording, it is critical to purchase a camera with adequate capacity. A dash cam records over the most seasoned account to keep up the circle; if your scramble cam has a little stockpiling capacity, you will find that it is recording over a similar film. Thus, you’ll get almost no recording from your dash cam, which isn’t a perfect situation.

Size and Reliability: The size of your dash cam is another significant factor to consider; it very well may be the contrast between having a lot of highlights or swearing off a few. A little and careful dash cam doesn’t occupy a great deal of room on the scramble and is reasonable for little vehicles. It doesn’t draw in a lot of regard for the camera.

Mounting Options and Ease of Installation: Dash cams come in a few sizes and mounting alternatives. Some are mounted on the windshield and others behind the back view reflect. In a little vehicle with constrained scramble space, it is ideal to search for a choice that doesn’t impede the driver’s view and take up a great deal of land on the scramble. As a rule, dash cams are mounted utilizing suction cups on the windshield or utilizing a semi-perpetual glue mount.

Best Dashcams Compilation Chart

Name Features Where to Buy
Nextbase 522GW

next gen dash cam

Video quality: 1440p | Viewing angle: 140 degrees | GPS tracker: Yes Get it on Amazon
Garmin Dash Cam 66W

germin dash cam

Video quality: 1440p | Viewing angle: 180 degrees | GPS tracker: Yes Get it on Amazon
Kenwood DRV-830


Video quality: 1440p (Full HD) | Viewing angle: 144 degrees | GPS tracker: Yes Get it on Amazon
Thinkware TW-F770

thinkwere dash cam

Video quality: 1080p (Full HD) | Viewing angle: 140 degrees | GPS tracker: Yes Get it on Amazon
BlackVue DR900S-2CH

best dash cam

Video quality: 4K Ultra-HD | Viewing angle: 162 degrees | GPS tracker: Yes Get it on Amazon
Vantrue N2 Pro

venture n2 pro

Video quality: 1440p | Viewing angle: 170 degrees | GPS tracker: Optional tracker Get it on Amazon
Halfords HDC400

Video quality: 1440p | Viewing angle: 180 degrees | GPS tracker: Yes Get it on Amazon
YI Smart Dash Camera

yi smart

Video quality: 1080p (Full HD) | Viewing angle: 165 degrees | GPS tracker: No Get it on Amazon

Best Dash Cam in Reliability

Nextbase 522GW

next gen dash cam

Video quality: 1440p | Viewing angle: 140 degrees | GPS tracker: Yes | Memory: MicroSD card (not included)

Nextbase has for quite some time been a name related to top-quality dash cams, and its most recent Series 2 territory is seemingly the best yet. This top-spec 522GW model does the rudiments quite well, on account of a fresh 1440p HD goals and wide-point focal point, yet in addition tosses in a lot of extra highlights.

There is a responsive three-inch touchscreen at the back, just like the alternative of utilizing the inherent Alexa usefulness. Presently, clients can ask Alexa to play music, place calls and tune in to book recordings through associated gadgets, however, they’ll before long have the option to utilize a forthcoming Dash Cam Skill to direction it to ‘begin recording’, ‘quit recording’, ‘secure a chronicle’ and ‘send to my phone or tablet.

That all may appear to be somewhat of a contrivance and, frankly, we didn’t utilize it such much, so it is fortunate that the rest of the UX is incredibly basic. Recordings can be rapidly and effectively imparted to a shrewd gadget by means of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, while an astute Emergency SOS framework will caution the crisis administrations of your area and different subtleties in the event that you demonstrate lethargic after a mishap.

Pros Cons
Reasonably priced No SD card included
Amazon Alexa built-in The footage isn’t class-leading

Garmin 66W

germin dash cam

Video quality: 1440p | Viewing angle: 180 degrees | GPS tracker: Yes | Memory: MicroSD card (not included)

We’ve frequently evaluated the Garmin dash cam contributions for their usability, and new to the gathering is its brief line of adorable, unnoticeable dash cams, which piggyback on the marque’s activity camera UI however brag a lot of highlights that make them an important right hand on the open street.

This progressively costly and most recent 66W unit is the one to go for in our eyes, essentially on the grounds that the consideration of the hugely wide 180-degree seeing edge focal point makes it the ace of catching everything that is proceeding – in spite of the fact that there is some contortion at the very edge of the edge.

There are not many dash cams that don’t consequently record and spare film when an inherent G-sensor recognizes a mishap and that is actually what Garmin has executed here as well. Over this, clients can work the 66W utilizing voice directions, for example, ‘alright, Garmin, spare video’ and ‘snap a photo,’ however we discovered this framework somewhat cumbersome when out on the boisterous motorway.

The recording is to a great extent astounding and execution in low-light circumstances is generally excellent however seemingly its most prominent intrigue is the slick and clean bundle. It is little, unnoticeable and doesn’t cost the earth.

Pros Cons
Lots of extra features Voice control isn’t great
Compact design Some lens distortion

Halfords HDC400

Video quality: 1440p | Viewing angle: 180 degrees | GPS tracker: Yes | Memory: MicroSD card (not included)

In the event that you’ve just got a cell phone holder and sat-nav framework jumbling the dashboard and front windscreen, it tends to be out of line to toss another gadget in with the general mish-mash – which is the place the smooth shell of this present Halford’s number comes in.

Handily mounted legitimately to the windscreen, the modest bundle tucks flawlessly off the beaten path, yet at the same time figures out how to record in full HD and catch the activity by means of an incredibly wide 180-degree seeing point. Too bad, there are a couple of downsides, predominantly an absence of screen or screen, which makes the set-up process somewhat entangled.

You will initially need to download the going with a cell phone application, interface with the gadget’s Wi-Fi and afterward get a live feed from the camera to check to the position. Downloading film along these lines can likewise be excessively tedious, however, there’s consistently the alternative to lifting film straightforwardly from the SD card.

Regarding this matter, the most extreme card size is only 32GB here, which implies it will rapidly top off if various full HD cuts (the document sizes are huge) are spared to the gadget. All things considered, the recording is of excellent quality, with WDR capacities making even low light pictures catch a suit over some progressively costly opponents.

The inherent usefulness, for example, GPS recording is additionally an inviting reward at this value point.

Pros Cons
Sleek, unobtrusive styling No monitor
Clear, crisp footage Max 32GB SD card

Best Dash Cam in Storage Capacity

Kenwood DRV-830


Video quality: 1440p (Full HD) | Viewing angle: 144 degrees | GPS tracker: Yes | Memory: MicroSD card (included) and internal memory

Kenwood may be a brand that is most connected with sub-woofers and vivid head units supported by kid racers, however, its ongoing line of dash cams is smooth and pressed with front line innovation. Goodness and they’re generally excellent as well.

This DRV-830 unit probably won’t be perfect with existing Kenwood head units (you’ll need the DRV-520 for that) however it sports its own 3-inch full-shading TFT show, making evaluating and sparing clasps a doddle.

The review edge of 144-degrees is among the absolute most stretched out available and the 1440p film is impeccably acceptable in both day and low light conditions. In truth, it can’t stay aware of the Nextbase or repulsively costly BlackVue models for picture quality, however, it gives a false representation of its sub-£100 sticker price.

Propelled driver-help frameworks, for example, path takeoff and front impact admonitions, are incorporated with the framework, however many will discover them a bit irritating. Fortunately, they can be turned off by scavenging through the various settings. The recording is naturally caught by means of 3-pivot G-Force location equipment and the camera will oversee capacity by overwriting any more established documents that haven’t been spared.

So, in the event that you are the kind of individual who likes to consistently spare clasps, this camera brags some the biggest memory accessible gratitude to two SDHC small scale card spaces, equipped for an enormous 256GB with the proper cards.

Pros Cons
Massive storage potential Menus can be fiddly to navigate
Perfectly good image quality Not the best-looking camera

Vantrue N2 Pro

venture n2 pro

Video quality: 1440p | Viewing angle: 170 degrees | GPS tracker: Optional tracker | Memory: MicroSD card (not included)

Type the words ‘dashcam’ into Amazon and the number of query items that show up can be scary. Yet, settled in among the heap of contributions is this Chinese brand that displays proficient spec run cams that cost up to half as much as a portion of the market chiefs.

The front focal point, which is ostensibly the most significant here, is contained six individual glass components and packs an incredible f/1.8 gap, making it splendid for catching fresh symbolism in low light circumstances.

Over this, a subsequent f/2 focal point faces the lodge and is bolstered by four IR LED lights to help what is frequently precarious, bleak film through an incredible Sony IMX323 sensor. Despite the fact that not for everybody, this kind of usefulness is ideal for proficient drivers who might possibly need to remember any episodes that happen late on a Friday night.

There’s additionally a worked in amplifier to record sound. Constant disc recording is a given here, as is G-sensor innovation that identifies an episode and will consequently spare the recording to the MicroSD card. Nonetheless, purchasers should stout for a discretionary GPS mount that spares information on speed and area close by the video document.

On account of the splendid Sony sensor, the picture quality is commonly excellent and connecting the gadget to a PC or PC is at least somewhat basic. Front and back film is conveniently partitioned into two separate records as well, decreasing the time confined perusing the different envelopes for the ideal clasp.

Stopping Mode is likewise a decent incentive at this value point, as it very well may be turned on to auto-record at whatever point it detects movement. Too bad, it requires a force source, so it needs to either be hard-wired into the vehicle through a different embellishment or connected to an outer force source.

Pros Cons
Ultra-wide viewing angle No GPS tracking
Top-quality sensor

Best Dash Cam in Video Quality

Thinkware TW-F770

thinkwere dash cam

Video quality: 1080p (Full HD) | Viewing angle: 140 degrees | GPS tracker: Yes | Memory: MicroSD card (included) and internal memory

Because of an astounding 2.19MP Sony Exmor CMOS sensor and Full HD video, the TW-F770 has splitting video film as its star fascination – although a bunch of additional twists gives a special reward.

Intended to be mounted just underneath the back view reflect, the TW-F770 includes only a couple of little fastens and no outside screen. The explanation? It tends to be connected to a cell phone by means of its on-board Wi-Fi.

This empowers clasps to be rapidly and effectively sent to a brilliant gadget, should you have to get to them rapidly, however, it adds an extra advance to any settings and menu changes. A Super Night Vision includes supports low-light settings for improved picture quality around evening time, while a slick Time-Lapse highlight goes about as a CCTV camera when the vehicle is left.

Remember that this mode will require hard-wiring the unit into the vehicle’s capacity supply, in any case, just like the case with most cameras highlighted on this rundown, instead of essentially utilizing a standard 12V lighter connector.

An on-board GPS tracker, just as speed and up and coming red traffic signal alerts, make this a practiced bit of unit.

Pros Cons
Crystal-clear footage No rear camera
Great night mode Buttons are a bit fiddly

BlackVue DR900S-2CH

best dash cam

Video quality: 4K Ultra-HD | Viewing angle: 162 degrees | GPS tracker: Yes | Memory: MicroSD card included

Those doing high mileage all the time, conquering all conditions and kinds of streets, will probably need to leave behind some extra for their dash cam. We’re not proposing the camera needs to flaunt parts extravagant doohickeys and unnecessary tech, however, spending more methods picture quality is improved.

This is convenient on account of a mishap, particularly in an attempt at manslaughter situation, were perusing a number plate from separation and making out any distinctive highlights can be the contrast between getting a culprit and winding up with a robust protection guarantee.

Sitting especially at the top-notch end of the dash cam range, this bundle from BlackVue incorporates front-and-back confronting cameras, the two of which catch the activity in HD quality.

Its around £500 sticker price may feel fantastically soak for a scramble cam, however, this is the main camera to include an 8MP CMOS sensor forthright and an elite Sony STARVIS CMOS sensor in the back camera.

Therefore, the recording is irrefutably the best available, day and night. The 162-degree field of view feels completely ideal for the errand close by and frees the subsequent film of that clumsy fisheye look that some more extensive point cameras experience the ill effects of Suspicious proprietors can likewise utilize BlackVue’s progressed canny park mode, which basically continues recording when the vehicle is shut down.

This is conceivable gratitude to the Power Magic Pro, which is wired into the vehicle’s battery and guarantees the dash cam doesn’t drain holds when recording medium-term.

You can anticipate the entirety of the conspicuous highlights, as well, remembering worked for GPS, occurrence recognition and the capacity to send clasps to BlackVue’s bespoke cell phone application by means of the installed Wi-Fi.

Pros Cons
Superb image quality It’s really expensive
Beautifully designed unit Irritating to install

YI Smart

yi smart

Video quality: 1080p (Full HD) | Viewing angle: 165 degrees | GPS tracker: No | Memory: MicroSD card

Yi is an ongoing participant in the action camera field, and it’s likewise caught up with carrying out its specialty in the realm of dash cams with some flawless units that pack a lot of innovation into modest shells.

The tremendous field of view on its Smart Dash Camera model methods it can screen the encompassing territory and even caution the driver if the vehicle is wandering out of its path.

In addition, a forward crash notice sounds if the machine detects an approaching contact with the vehicle ahead. This is all a piece of the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) bundle, which works related to G-Sensor innovation, and it permits the camera to naturally record and spare clasps in a crisis circumstance.

A noteworthy all-glass, high-resolution focal point and f/1.8 gap imply that video recorded in low-light circumstances is fresh and clear as well. The absence of GPS is somewhat of a disgrace, however, this is as yet a praiseworthy unit at an extraordinary cost.

Pros Cons
Lane departure warning Lack of built-in GPS
Built-in Wi-Fi

How We Picked

We relied on the opinion of experts and feedback of users based on three major factors: Reliability, Video quality, and Storage capacity.

More facts and data about these dash cams were gotten from deep research and online reviews. With the result and feedback we got (both positive and negative), we were able to rank each product according to the standard we set.

Looking at our review, each dash cam has been carefully categorized according to our research result. Also, take note that the cams tabs that didn’t meet our standard were not included among this list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are dash cams worth it?

On the off chance that this is something you’re as of now somewhat stressed over, and the genuine feelings of serenity that accompanies having the option to introduce proof to a court or the police that is probably going to demonstrate that you’re not to blame, at that point a dash cam is worth it. On the off chance that everything appears to be somewhat superfluous or badly arranged, a dash cam’s not for you

Can I leave my dash cam plugged in?

Since dash cams don’t use enormous implicit batteries, outside force should by one way or another be provided to the dash cam when the motor is killed. This can be done by leaving the dash cam connected to a “consistently on” (a.k.a. consistent electrical plug) in the vehicle, on the off chance that one is accessible.

Do Dashcams work when parked?

Typically, a dashcam is fueled through the cigarette connector – yet this connector doesn’t work when the vehicle is off. At the point when you have your good dash camera wired into your battery legitimately, you can set up “Parking Mode”. In Parking Mode, at whatever point your camera identifies movement, it will begin recording


Picking the correct dash cam is something that ought to be considered very important and without missing words,  we believe that this review should have guided you in selecting the correct dash cam you need for your vehicle. However, before purchasing, ensure you check all the necessary details.