Best Dual Monitor Stand of 2024


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Welcome to our review of the best dual monitor stand. Before buying a dual monitor stand, it’s important to ensure the stand is durable enough to hold the monitors you intend to install. Additionally, also ensure its portable, flexible, and easy to install.
Be that as it may, to get the best dual monitor stands, we’ve highlighted 10 of the best dual monitor stands available in the market today.
Having said that, why not check out our list of dual monitor stands we’ve discovered for you below.

Buyers Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying a Dual Monitor Stand

Holder Attachment Type: This factor is likely the most essential one to focus on before making any buy. With the correct holders, a purchaser ought to analyze the connection type. Traditionally, a stand is fixed to a work area or table utilizing screws and grommet plate. Collectibles, lovely wood, littler tables, and so forth may not support this mounting type. In a perfect world, buying lay-on or clip-on stand is feasible for these sorts of work areas and tables.

Structure: The other perspective to mind is the mount’s structure. The material should be powerful enough to help the screens. The correct metal for the stand is either steel or aluminum. The stand ought to likewise deal with the size and weight of the potential screens.

Mount Holder Type: The holder’s sort should be assessed. Different results of screens utilize VESA holders to secure the screen. Similarly, the screen’s gaps should be analyzed to ensure that they adjust to the stands holders.

Alteration Flexibility: The height change usefulness ought to likewise be mulled over with regards to procuring the perfect double screen mount. In view of your work environment, modifying the stature of your screen stand can be a huge factor for comfort concern. A purchaser ought to look at the most extreme and least statures of the survey screen before purchasing.

Best Dual Monitor Stand Compilation Chart

Name Features Where to Buy
ONKRON Dual Monitor Mount

onkron dual monitor stand

  • Fit two screens 23-inches to 32-inches
  • Support two monitors each having weight of 2.2 lbs-to-19.8 lbs
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FLEXIMOUNTS Dual D5D Monitor Mount

flexmount dual monitor stand

  • Compact aluminum die-cast material
  • Two spacious cable management passages
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Dual Monitor Mount by TechOrbits

dual monitor mount stand

  • Constructed of premium gas springs and heavy-duty aluminum
  • Suitable for 13-inches –30-inches monitors
  • Each arm supports about 20 lbs.
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WALI GSM002 Dual Monitor Mount

wali dual monitor stand

  • VESA Size: 100x100mm and 75x75mm
  • Well-suited with 3.2” Grommet and 3.5” C-clamp base
  • Has 360-degree rotation
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Dual F160 Monitor Mount by NB North Bayou

f160 dual monitor stand

  • Built-in gas spring
  • Allow 360-degrees rotation
  • Maximum extension 18.5-inch
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VIVO Dual STAND-V002K Monitor Mount

vivo dual stand

  • Sturdy steel design
  • Compatible with virtually all 17 to 32-inch
  • Supports two monitors weighing17.6 pounds
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Mount-It Monitor Mount

mount it

  • Features grommet & C clamp mounting kit
  • Fits screen of 20-32-inches
  • Tilt down or up 90-degrees
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HUANUO Dual Arm Monitor mount

monitor stand

  • Removable gas spring arms
  • The fore-arm spin: -/+ 180°
  • Rotation: 360°
  • Has 100 x 100mm and 75 x 75mm VESA mounting pattern
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Loctek Dual D5D Monitor Mounts

locktech dual monitor stand

  • Aircraft-grade aluminum arm
  • Torque regulator valve controls arm movement
  • Fits 10”-27” monitors
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HUANUO Dual Full-Motion Monitor Mount

  • Widely fit 15-inches to 27-inches
  • Tilts from -90°to+85°
  • Designed with gas spring and detachable arms construction
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Best Dual Monitor Stand in Design


onkron dual monitor stand

Another model of a common monitor stand is at present accessible for a two-screen display in dark shading. The double screen stand by ONKRON fits all screens of 23-inches to 32-inches for all intents and purposes. These presentations can be LED or LCD weighing less than19.8 lbs. The screen should include VESA purposes of 100 * 100mm or 75 * 75mm or. This screen stand empowers you to improve solace and profitability levels also.

It includes full flexibility having +90-degree to – 90-degree tilting angle,180-degree turn, and +90-crawls to – 90-inches swivel edge. This brand additionally underpins grommet and C-clasp establishment. Likewise, manual aides and establishment equipment units (washers, screws, and wrench) are given close by the monitor stand. The two arms stretch out to a stature of about 20.7″ when required.

Pros Cons
Cable management system Expensive
Grommet and C-clamp and installation


monitor stand

Haven’t you at any point determined to have back, neck, and shoulder pain because of working for extended periods of time in your work area? Have you at any point protested about the lacking space in your workspace? HUANUO screen mount is in a situation to offer an alluring answer for all the more efficient work. HUANUO twofold arm gas spring PC screen mounts rapidly raise your screens to ideal statures, productively diminishing weight on your back and neck.

Furthermore, double screen stand is described by full-movement modifications, removable arms, 360-degree rotational plates on each arm, swiveling plate joint going from-90-degrees to +90-degrees, swiveling lower arm – 180-degrees to +180-degrees and screen tilts from – 35-degrees to +35-degrees. The grommet mounting requires a work area with a most extreme thickness of 2.95-inches while C-clasp has a mounting 3.1-inches.

Pros Cons
Come with grommet & C clamp mounting kit None found
Conveniently fits 17 to 32-inch LCD monitors


flexmount dual monitor stand

The stand has a capacity to bolsters 27-inches double LCD screens on a wonderfully adjusted swing arm. This arm consolidates a strand length of about 17.2-inches. The tough aluminum kick the bucket cast development makes the grip more grounded and firmer.

The cinch base has a thickness of 0.79-2 inches making it firm. It is snappy and simple to descent and mount the monitor.

The setting up technique needs a couple of straightforward advances expressed in the guide included. Each mount underpins an LCD screen weighing 17.6 pounds. The unit has swiveling backing of 360-degree and tilting backing of 5-15 degrees.

Moreover, the link to the board plot is without the messiness and clean with negligible link permeability on the workspace. The great dual monitor stand bolsters both portrait and scene modes.

Pros Cons
Includes grommet and C-clamp mount bases installation Heavy
Gas spring hovering mechanism


wali dual monitor stand

The WALI GSM002 dual monitor stand is appropriate with all LED and LCD screens and level screen TVs not bigger than 27-inches. The model has a VESA separable of 100x100mm or 75x75mm. It is appropriate with 3.2″ Grommet and 3.5″ C-clasp base which gives a two-organize locking system.

It highlights durable auxiliary material and high-grade gas spring arm which can be withdrawn and broadened, +90°/ – 90° swivel, and +75°/ – 45° tilt to alter reasonable points, and 360-degree turn directly from picture to scene mode. With this monitor stand, the profitability and effectiveness of staff ought to be bent over because of the improvement in comfort and unwinding while at the same time doing obligations in the workplace.

This monitor stand will fix stable and sturdily with the display wiping out pressure. The dynamic screen display arm can be immediately acclimated to permit you to complete day by day office day by day obligations in an extremely loosened up position to diminish eye and neck strain. This mount has an unmistakable swivel and tilt work.

Pros Cons
Screen Size: 27-inches A bit hard to install
Weight Capacity: 14.3lbs

Best Dual Monitor Stand in Adjustability


dual monitor mount stand

This dual monitor stand by TechOrbits consolidates gas spring arms enunciation to help screen weight off completely. Appreciate multi-directional free movement to diminish glare and improve permeability throughout the day. The stand is described by all-inclusive fit which is perfect for PC screen size between 13-inches to 30-inches.

Made of gas-springs, mechanical evaluation aluminum, this dual monitor stand will offer you sufficient work area space to improve your undertaking limit. In addition, with Smart SWIVEL innovation, situating your double screens at any point in your decision. Move your screen’s side to side, forward, and in reverse in inverse headings with the point of getting the best in your workspace.

Pros Cons
SmartSWIVEL self-balancing arms none found
Articulating gas springs

Mount It

mount it

The MI-1781 dual monitor stand by Mount-It has picked up notoriety for its adaptability and splendidly built plan. Its plan further offers in a perfect world utilitarian, flexible and dynamic double monitor stand. The arm is designed such that it can turn, pivot, tilt, and swivel to conform to suit your requirements.

In addition, it includes an ergonomic design that shields against the back, eye, and even neck strains and furthermore includes movable height components for bend and tilt in addition to a bowed arm structure to coordinate the screen towards you.

Gas-spring innovation ensures smooth tallness customizability to lift or lower your PC screens to the perfect stature with a brisk touch. Premium double screen arm upgrades your improvement and profitability in your stance with the assistance of mount. It fit 32-inch screens.

Pros Cons
Landscape and Portrait Orientations Expensive
Supports a screen that weighs 20 lbs

Dual F160 

f160 dual monitor stand

Dual F160 Monitor stand by NB North Bayou is an extraordinary stand that everybody would want to have throughout everyday life. It has the ability of fitting the LCD LED display of 17-inches to 27-inches and securely holds two screens each weighing about 14.3 lbs. This mount was made to be agreeable and quick to set-up where the grommet or C-clasp storm cellar is utilized.

It highlights airplane quality aluminum-amalgam development material creation this screen mount solid and lightweight. The two arms that fit this stand can be helpfully balanced relying upon your requirements. With the incorporated USB center points arranged at the base, you can undoubtedly permit the charging of USB gadgets without consuming up work area space.

Pros Cons
Inbuilt ultra-precision gas-strut, none found
Maximum height 15.8-inch

Best Dual Monitor Stand in Flexibility


vivo dual stand

Streamline seeing points and Improve productivity with STAND-V002K dual monitor stand by VIVO! Recover important work area space with the utilization of screen mount. Worked with scratch opposition, secure and high-grade steel stand, this model is perfect for improving survey stature. Structured with a client outfitted detail like a strong C-cinch, incorporated link the executives, arm verbalization, altering pneumatic spring at the top of the priority list, this brand can be tweaked to oblige your particular office needs.

Finding your preferred survey point is brisk with this present mount’s completely articulating arms which permit 360° turn, 180° swivel, and – 35° to +35° tilt. The consolidated link the board offers a lovely appearance to the screen establishment and permits snappy hight alteration by shielding links from separating, pulling, or during tangling.

The screen arrangement flexibility permits full review that aids limited screen situation and weariness on the shoulders, neck, and back. The exquisite appearance praises a cutting edge appearance to any business setting while at the same time offering enough help for the two screens.

Pros Cons
Integrated cable management Expensive
Removable VESA plates

Loctek Dual D5D

locktech dual monitor stand

This excellent monitor stand gives a shrewd method for showing a solitary screen while dealing with work area space. The Arm easily changes, permitting the client to work all the more serenely on the right position. The screen should be on your eye level to maintain a strategic distance from excruciating back issues, eye, and neck strain.

This superior model gives an expansive scope of determinations that different adversaries don’t offer. This item includes a great usefulness, quality craftsmanship, and unparalleled structure break the strand for this remain to the most extreme level.

Moreover, the gas spring drifting system advantageously alters screen height. It likewise includes 360-degrees on a level plane pivoting the arm, expanding or withdrawing screen arm; turning monitors to picture or scene mode.

Pros Cons
Supports 3.3-11 lbs. of the monitor none found
Tilt angle:-85-degree -15-degree

HUANUO Dual Full-Motion

dual motion monitor stand

This dual monitor stand by Huanuo is a double arm riser for screen nearby a gas spring for altering the tallness. This usefulness of changing the stature dispenses with agony and strain from the neck and back. The C-clasp mount includes the greatest broadness of 2.36-inches. With this double full movement screen stand, the client can work all the more profitably, changing the point rapidly and progressively agreeable, and achieve an improved review edge.

You can control your screens to various edges or various statures and scene or picture position whenever the timing is ideal. This arm stand can be joined solidly without penetrating a vent in the table-top and work area. This reality empowers the client to make position modification of the stand commonly without meddling with the workstation.

In a perfect world, a widespread work area mount is good with some 15-to-2-inch screens or screens. It will likewise fit an assortment of brand-model like HP, DELL, LG, and AOC. By and by, the screens ought to weigh 17.6 pounds and beneath. This item likewise fuses concealed link the executives for guaranteeing a clean work area.

Pros Cons
It supports maximum monitor with a weight of 17.6 lbs. Expensive
Has swivel of 180-degrees

How We Picked

We relied on the opinion of experts and feedback of users based on three major factors: Design, Adjustability, and Flexibility.

More facts and data about these dual monitor stands were gotten from deep research and online reviews. With the result and feedback we got (both positive and negative), we were able to rank each product according to the standard we set.

Looking at our review, each monitor stand has been carefully categorized according to our research result. Also, take note that the dual monitor stands that didn’t meet our standard were not included among this list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are monitor arms worth it?

Advantages of Monitor Arms. Monitor arms can help decrease neck, back and eye strain and the agony related with such uneasiness. Having the option to alter a monitor’s height, profundity and edge to the best situation for your stature and seating or standing style improves things significantly in an ordinary workplace.

Would I be able to mount any monitor?

Ensure Your Monitors Are VESA Compatible.
realize that so as to utilize basically any third-party stand or mount, your monitor needs to be VESA Compatible. Numerous littler, less expensive, or thinner monitors may not be VESA-Compatible, and will work just with the custom stands that originated from the producer.

Are VESA mounts Universal?

VESA and Universal (Non-VESA). VESA standards express that the mounting holes must be in precisely the same spot on the rear of a screen. VESA compliant mounts have the specific vacuum examples previously inherent. Common VESA screen measures are 75 x 75 mm, 100 x 100 mm, 200 x 100 mm and 200 x 200 mm, and so forth.


If you’ve read this review, it implies you’re searching for the best dual monitor stands and we’re totally sure you must have found one or two among our list that you’ll like to purchase. If that be the case, kindly ensure you check all the necessary details of your preferred choice before purchasing.