Best Windows Phones of 2021


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Welcome to our review of the best windows phones. For a windows phone to be considered the best, it ought to have a reasonable amount of RAM, large storage capacity, a sharp camera, and good display quality. Additionally, it should have a good battery life and should be sturdily built. If this sounds like what you’re looking for in a windows phone, then we’ve got 8 of the best windows phones reviewed for you below.

So, without further ado, here are the 8 best windows phones available in the market right now.

Buyers Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying a Windows Phone

Display: Choosing a windows phone, the primary thing you have to assess is its Display as it fills in as the fundamental control and information output component of the telephone. As various presentation advancements are growing quickly these days, their names and shortened forms might be befuddling. Basically, besides the corner to corner size, we should focus on the display resolution and board innovation.

A considerable lot of Android and Windows-based telephones have alleged Full HD display that helps the 1920×1080 pixels most extreme resolution. With the showcase size of 5 and more inches, such resolution makes the content understood and sharp yet not little and the pictures agreeable to see. In any case, the fame of 2K display in cell phones that idea up to 2560×1440 pixels and go under the Ultra HD or UHD condensing is expanding.

Another significant viewpoint is the presentation board innovation that impacts the manner in which a given showcase renders hues, achieves a high complexity picture, shows the picture at various survey edges, and so forth. Regardless of many board advances utilized these days in cell phone shows, the IPS innovation is apparently the most far-reaching as it gives a decent mix of enormous review edges, high complexity, and striking hues for the display.

Performance: Of no less significance in picking a windows cell phone is the device Performance as playing present-day games requires having an amazing GPU and CPU with enough RAM. Current CPUs, when in doubt, have numerous centers so the more centers the CPU has the better performing multiple tasks execution it gives. This presentation improvement can be felt by clients when running a few applications all the while. Besides structural upgrades the CPU clock speed or center speed assumes a significant job: the higher the timing the better is the single-string or single-task execution of the CPU.

A similar general principle applies to the RAM: the more RAM the better is execution and capacity to run various applications in equal. Attributable to the eccentricities of Windows Mobile, Windows telephones require even less RAM than current Android-based gadgets with 1 GB of RAM being sufficient for performing essential assignments. Be that as it may, 2 GB or more is prescribed for a cell phone to have a space for running future OS refreshes and new applications while giving an agreeable telephone use.

Battery: The Battery, or rather its ability, is the thing that we have to consider in association with the planned utilization of your cell phone. On the off chance that you play games or run CPU/GPU concentrated applications on your telephone frequently, you unquestionably need to have a major limit battery. The battery limit is estimated in mAh (milliampere-hours) with the sign of the battery voltage (typically 3.7 V for cell phone batteries) or in Wh (watt-hours).

In this way, the higher the battery limit the more drawn out activity it gives on a solitary charge at the expense of size. With that, in the event that you need a telephone mostly for making calls and rare Internet use, the 2500 mAh limit is sufficient for you to utilize the cell phone for a day or two without energizing the battery.

Best Windows Phones Compilation Chart

Name Features Where to Buy
Microsoft Lumia 640 XL

windows phone

CPU: 1.2GHz quad-core | RAM: 1GB | Storage: 8GB | Battery: 3000mAh Get it on Amazon
Nokia Lumia 635

nokia 635 windows phone

CPU: quad-core 1.2GHz| RAM: 512MB| Storage: 8g | Battery: 2000mah Get it on Amazon
Nokia Lumia 530

windows phone

CPU: 1.2GHz quad-core | RAM: 512MB | Storage: 4GB | Battery: 1430mAh Get it on Amazon
Nokia Lumia 735

lumia 735 windows phone

 CPU: 1.2GHz quad-core | RAM: 1GB | Storage: 8GB | Battery: 2200mAh Get it on Amazon
Nokia Lumia 1020

nokia lumia windows phones

CPU: 1.5GHz dual-core | RAM: 2GB | Storage: 32GB | Battery: 2000mAh Get it on Amazon
Microsoft Lumia 640

CPU: 1.2GHz quad-core | RAM: 1GB | Storage: 8GB | Battery: 2500mAh Get it on Amazon
Nokia Lumia 1520

CPU: 2.2GHz quad-core | RAM: 2GB | Storage: 32GB | Battery: 3400mAh Get it on Amazon
Nokia Lumia 930


lumia 930 windows phone

CPU: 2.2GHz quad-core | RAM: 2GB | Storage: 32GB | Battery: 2420mAh Get it on Amazon

Best Windows Phones in Battery

Microsoft Lumia 640 XL

windows phone

Weight: 171g | Dimensions: 157.9 x 81.5 x 9mm | OS: Windows Phone 8.1 | Screen size: 5.7-inch | Resolution: 720 x 1280 | CPU: 1.2GHz quad-core | RAM: 1GB | Storage: 8GB | Battery: 3000mAh | Rear camera: 13MP | Front camera: 5MP

Greater isn’t in every case better, as the Lumia 640 XL’s bigger screen isn’t as sharp as the littler Lumia 640s and on that it’s somewhat more costly, yet in most different ways it’s just as acceptable and its 13MP camera is far and away superior.

The bigger screen size makes it incredible for media and the battery will last you daily regardless of whether you extravagant utilizing it for a film long-distance race. It feels determinedly assembled as well and keeping in mind that the Microsoft Lumia 640 XL looks a little modest it punches well over its weight.

Pros Cons
Big, bright screen Low internal storage
Long-lasting battery Average performance rating

Nokia Lumia 735

lumia 735 windows phone

Weight: 134g | Dimensions: 134.7 x 68.5 x 8.9mm | OS: Windows Phone 8.1 | Screen size: 4.7-inch | Resolution: 720 x 1280 | CPU: 1.2GHz quad-core | RAM: 1GB | Storage: 8GB | Battery: 2200mAh | Rear camera: 6.7MP | Front camera: 5MP

The Lumia 530 may be miserable for selfie fans, yet the Lumia 735 is made for them with its 5MP forward-looking camera, and the back camera isn’t terrible either.

Its sizeable battery will keep you snapping the entire day and keeping in mind that there’s no metal here the Lumia 735 has an alluring moderate plan and is agreeable in the hand.

On the off chance that you couldn’t care less about selfies or video calls there are apparently better Windows Phone choices, yet with a genuinely enormous 720p screen the Lumia 735 is as yet a decent mid-officer.

Pros Cons
Strong battery life Frustrating keyboard
Decent front-facing camera Feels a little sluggish

Nokia Lumia 1020

nokia lumia windows phones

Weight: 158g | Dimensions: 130.4 x 71.4 x 10.4mm | OS: Windows Phone 8 | Screen size: 4.5-inch | Resolution: 768 x 1280 | CPU: 1.5GHz dual-core | RAM: 2GB | Storage: 32GB | Battery: 2000mAh | Rear camera: 41MP | Front camera: 1.2MP

In case you’re purchasing the Nokia Lumia 1020 you’re getting it for the camera, it’s as straightforward as that. Not unreasonably there is certainly not a strong telephone here, yet its noteworthy 41MP snapper is by a long shot its stand apart element.

Not exclusively would it be able to take staggeringly nitty gritty photographs yet every one of those extra megapixels take into consideration lossless zoom, which is an irregularity on telephones? With great battery life too you can be out snapping the entire day and its splendid yet minimal screen is a delight to utilize, in the case of survey your photographs or playing with applications.

Pros Cons
Good battery life Poor app ecosystem
Great camera No expandable memory

Best Windows Phones in Durability

Nokia Lumia 635

nokia 635 windows phone

Weight: 165g | Dimensions: value | OS: windows phone 8.1 | Screen size: 4.5-inch 480 x 854| Resolution: value | CPU: quad-core 1.2GHz| RAM: 512MB| Storage: 8g | Battery: 2000mah | Rear camera: 8mp| Front camera: 5mp

You may battle to tell the Nokia Lumia 635 and the Nokia Lumia 630 separated, as other than a shiny completion on the 635 it looks practically indistinguishable.

In any event, taking a gander at the specs doesn’t uncover much in the method for contrasts as it has the equivalent 4.5-inch 480 x 854 showcase, the equivalent 5MP camera and a similar quad-center 1.2GHz processor and 512MB of RAM. So for what reason does it exist? 4G.

The Lumia 635 has it and the Lumia 630 doesn’t, so with this telephone you can appreciate rapid portable perusing in any event, when there’s no Wi-Fi and it’s one of the least expensive 4G handsets accessible. It’s around £25 more than the Lumia 630 yet its 4G speeds legitimize the expansion.

Pros Cons
Strong build quality Screen lacks sharpness
4G capable No flash or front camera

Nokia Lumia 930

lumia 930 windows phone

Weight: 167g | Dimensions: 137 x 71 x 9.8mm | OS: Windows Phone 8.1 | Screen size: 5-inch | Resolution: 1080 x 1920 | CPU: 2.2GHz quad-core | RAM: 2GB | Storage: 32GB | Battery: 2420mAh | Rear camera: 20MP | Front camera: 1.2MP

The Nokia Lumia 930 is beginning to feel somewhat dated, however, it’s as yet a top-flight Windows Phone lead and judged absolutely on specs it easily sits above most different telephones running the working framework.

Its metal edge guarantees it looks great, while a 2.2GHz quad-center Snapdragon 800 processor and 2GB of RAM give it a lot of intensity. Furthermore, we haven’t addressed the noteworthy 5.0-inch 1080p presentation and 20MP camera.

It is, at the end of the day, the total bundle. A stylish, incredible and stuffed with all that you’d anticipate from a lead cell phone.

Pros Cons
Has an Aluminium frame Interface still grates
Can connect to a wireless printer Older CPU

Microsoft Lumia 640

Weight: 145g | Dimensions: 141.3 x 72.2 x 8.8mm | OS: Windows Phone 8.1 | Screen size: 5-inch | Resolution: 720 x 1280 | CPU: 1.2GHz quad-core | RAM: 1GB | Storage: 8GB | Battery: 2500mAh | Rear camera: 8MP | Front camera: 1MP

There are heaps of acceptable spending Windows Phone handsets however the Microsoft Lumia 640 is maybe the best, thanks in huge part to a dependable battery, which can see you through even the most requesting of days.

However, a squeezed up juice pack amounts to nothing if the telephone it’s controlling is disappointing, which fortunately isn’t the situation here. From its amazing 720p display to its fair 8MP camera the Lumia 640 exceeds expectations at the cost. With strong execution, 4G support and a low value this, for the present, is the spending Windows Phone handset to beat.

Pros Cons
Impressive display Not the best looking
Great battery life Older processor

Best Windows Phones Price

Nokia Lumia 530

windows phone

Weight: 129g | Dimensions: 119.7 x 62.3 x 11.7mm | OS: Windows Phone 8.1 | Screen size: 4-inch | Resolution: 480 x 854 | CPU: 1.2GHz quad-core | RAM: 512MB | Storage: 4GB | Battery: 1430mAh | Rear camera: 5MP | Front camera: none

The Nokia Lumia 530 is a splendid decision for anybody on a genuine spending plan and its 4.0-inch screen makes it an incredible choice on the off chance that you need something reduced and simple to utilize one-gave.

In spite of its low cost however it has shockingly smart execution and keeping in mind that there’s only 4GB of implicit stockpiling it likewise has a microSD card space, which is missing on some better quality Windows Phone handsets.

Cell phone snappers ought to know that there’s no glimmer and no forward-looking camera, however, for any individual who doesn’t feel constrained to take photos of their own face the Lumia 530 is a solid handset.

Pros Cons
Affordable No front camera or flash
Snappy performance Fairly poor display

Nokia Lumia 1520

Weight: 209g | Dimensions: 162.8 x 85.4 x 8.7mm | OS: Windows Phone 8 | Screen size: 6-inch | Resolution: 1080 x 1920 | CPU: 2.2GHz quad-core | RAM: 2GB | Storage: 32GB | Battery: 3400mAh | Rear camera: 20MP | Front camera: 1.2MP

On the off chance that you need a Windows Phone phablet your alternatives are constrained, yet there are none better than the Nokia Lumia 1520.

A colossal 6.0-inch 1080p screen makes it one of the most open cell phone canvases around, yet it despite everything figures out how to have a thin form.

The screen may be the star yet it likewise has a great 20MP camera and smooth execution. It’s jumping on a piece yet it’s still Windows Phone’s phablet leader.

Pros Cons
Surprisingly slim Lack of apps
Fine camera

How We Picked

We relied on the opinion of experts and feedback of users based on three major factors: Battery, Durability, and Price.

More facts and data about these windows phones were gotten from deep research and online reviews. With the result and feedback we got (both positive and negative), we were able to rank each product according to the standard we set.

Looking at our review, each phone has been carefully categorized according to our research result. Also, take note that the windows phones that didn’t meet our standard were not included among this list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Windows Phone superior to Android?

Windows Phone is not an open-source stage and Microsoft has a stricter criteria set than Google about which applications and games can populate their separate commercial centers. Therefore, the application store reacts with predominant and better apps, and cleaner options, than what Android apps can offer.

To what extent will Windows Phone work?

After Microsoft pulls support in December, gadget reinforcements for settings and some apps will continue for a quarter of a year until March tenth, 2020. Microsoft noticed “a few administrations including photograph transfers and reestablishing a gadget from a current gadget reinforcement may proceed to work for up to an additional a year from the finish of help.”

Can I update my Windows Phone 8.1 to 10?

There are two unique approaches to get Windows 10 Mobile: On the off chance that the upgrade is accessible for your existing Windows Phone 8.1 device, you can install it. To check for and introduce the upgrade, download the Upgrade Advisor application from the Store. Open the application, at that point select Enable Windows 10 redesign.


If you’ve read this review, it implies you’re searching for the best windows phone to buy and we’re totally sure you must have found one or two among our list that you’ll like to purchase. If that be the case, kindly ensure you check all the necessary features of your preferred choice before purchasing.