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How to Disable Apple TV Notifications on iPhone and iPad

How to disable TV notifications

There’s a lot of great content in the Apple TV app, and Apple wants to help you discover it by offering notifications for new content. If you find this less than helpful, iOS lets you modify (or disable) these notifications.

A lot of TV notifications you receive aren’t even for content you’ll be able to watch. Often, the TV app will remind you a new season of a popular show is starting, and when you tap on it, it offers to help you sign up for a subscription to watch the show! How thoughtful! Often these notifications are more annoying than anything, so it’s probably a good idea to just turn them off.

Fortunately, it’s straightforward to turn off notifications for the TV app on your iPhone or iPad. First, jump into the Settings app.

Tap "Settings"

Tap Notifications > TV.

Tap NotificationsTap TV

To disable all notifications, toggle the top switch to off, and you’re all set.

Turn off Notifications Toggle

Of course, if you prefer to be more selective, you can turn off some notifications, but not others. Once you get to Notifications > TV, you can tap on any of three categories—for example, “Featured Sports”—and turn off that category of notifications.

Tap a categoryToggle off notifications

Sometimes a broadsword will work, other times you need a scalpel. Either way, we have you covered.