10 Best Baby Car Seats of 2024


Last Updated on April 26, 2024 by Dan Scott

Keeping your child safe, while in the car is a top priority for parents. In this post, we will walk you through the 10 best car seats for your infant, toddler or young kid.

A car seat is a necessary piece of item every parent needs to purchase for their child, as this keeps the child safe, while commuting from place to place.

Reports show that one of the leading causes of child injury are motor vehicle crashes. However, reports also reveal that child car seats “reduces fatal injuries by 71 percent for children under 1. . .and by 54 percent for toddlers age 1 to 4.”

A car seat must be installed properly as research has also shown that, an average of 46% of child safety seats are incorrectly installed or misused. Therefore, using the best car seat for your baby, which has been properly installed will surely put your mind at rest while you drive.

So, seat back and enjoy this ride, as we take you through the 10 best car seats of 2020.

Buyer’s Guide: A few things to consider before you purchase a car seat.

The Age, and Weight of your child is and important consideration when shopping for a car seat. There are different car seats, suitable for different ages of children.

Ensure that the car seat meets federal safety standards. All car seat sold in the US has to meet the federal safety standards, check to see if the car seat has been crash tested to hit or go beyond federal standards for enhanced safety. Also, you may need to review how it is engineered and the materials used, like steel and energy-absorbing foam to protect your child in case of an accident.

Cost. Many car seats are expensive, so you need to consider your budget and the car seat that fits into your budget. Do not fall into the temptation of buying an old car seat, since you do not know it’s history and if it has any defects. It is always better to buy a new one.

A quick glace at our top 10 best car seats of 2020

1. Best Infant Car Seat: Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat
2. Best Budget Infant Car Seat: Graco SnugRide Snuglock 30 Infant Car Seat
3. Best Car Seat for a growing child: Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 Car Seat | Infant to Toddler Car Seat
4. Best Convertible Car Seat: Chicco NetFit Zip Convertible Car Seat
5. Best Budget Convertible Car Seat: Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat
6. Best Harness-to-Booster Seat: Britax USA Grow with You ClickTight Harness-2-Booster Car Seat
7. Best Booster Seat: Graco TurboBooster Grow High Back Booster Seat
8. Best Budget Booster Seat: Cosco Topside Backless Booster Car Seat (Leo)
9. Best Lightweight Infant Car Seat: Evenflo LiteMax 35 Infant Car Seat
10. Best Safety Features: Britax Allegiance 3 Stage Convertible Car Seat

1. Best Infant Car Seat

Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat

This Car Seat is the best on our list of top 10 best car seats of 2020, for your infant. The chicco KeyFit 30 is a walk over, when it comes to installation. It is super easy to install and so first time parents need not worry about this.

It doesn’t matter if your baby is tiny or chubby, this car seat has got you covered. The Chicco KeyFit 30 can comfortably accommodate babies from 4 to 30 pound. A soft and comfortable new-born head and body support is included with the seat to fit smaller babies. It is removable and washable.

One of the beautiful things about the Chicco KeyFit 30 is how easy it is to use. You don’t have to spend long hours in installation, trying to figure it out. The instructions are clear and easy to follow.

Through a Ride Right bubble indicator, you know when you have attached it accurately. Made with a 5-point harness for enhanced protection, your baby can ride safely tucked in. The Chicco KeyFit 30 is built with SuperCinch LATCH tightener for a strong fit.

Pros Cons
Very easy to install Smaller canopy
Includes machine washable cover Heavy
Easy to adjust harness

 2. Best Budget Infant Car Seat

Graco SnugRide Snuglock 30 Infant Car Seat

Considering the fact that your budget is a determining factor in purchasing a car seat, we present this Graco SnugRide Snuglock 30 Infant Car Seat, as the best budget infant seat for you.  In, just 3 easy steps, you can feel assured of a secure install.

It comfortably accommodates babies from 4 to 30 pounds, so you can drive, rest assured that the Graco SnugRide Snuglock 30 Infant Car Seat, holds your baby, safe and secure.

It is easy to install and it’s easy-to-read indicator removes guesswork from the installation process with an easy-to-read level indicator, so you can feel confident it’s installed correctly. It’s adjustable base offers 4 recline positions, providing the right position for proper installation.

It also includes a removable head and body support for your new born. From our research, we see that though it is less expensive, it is still an effective and safe car seat for your baby.

Pros Cons
Easy to install Head and body support is not plush
Light weight Less sturdy
Rotating canopy

3. Best Car Seat for a growing child

Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 Car Seat

This Infant to toddler car seat will serve you for 10 years, as it grows and transforms with your child! This feature earns it a spot on our list of best 10 car seats of 2020, as the best seat for a growing child.

The Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 Car Seat is comfortable for your child and super convenient for you as it transitions from a rear-facing harness (4-40 lb) to forward-facing harness (22-65 lb) to a high back belt-positioning booster (40-100 lb) to backless belt-positioning booster (40-120 lb).

Talk about buying a car seat once and for all!

It comes with the Graco exclusive Inright Latch attachment, which allows for an easy, one second attachment with an audible click to help ensure secure installation. It also includes a machine washable cover.

Pros Cons
Saves cost A bit uncomfortable for baby to sleep
Can accommodate from 4 to 120 pounds
Easy to install
Safe for the child

4. Best Convertible Car Seat

Chicco NetFit Zip Convertible Car Seat

Another car seat from Chicco. This convertible car seat is just for you, if you’re thinking about skipping the convenience of an infant seat with a base and going straight to a convertible. It can be used for babies and young children from 5 to 40 pounds rear-facing, and 22 to 65 pounds forward-facing.

The Chicco NetFit Zip has a cool feature; the zip-off padding, which is soft for comfort and convenience. It can be removed and machine washed. It also has a cup folder to prevent spills in the car.

The newborn space for 5 to 11 pounds can be removed once your baby goes pass the age. It has a 9 position headrest and also gives you an easy transition from rear-facing to forward-facing position. 

Pros Cons
Easy to install Heavy
Durable Harness is sometimes hard to tighten
Zip-off padding allows for easy cleaning

5. Best Budget Convertible Car Seat

Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat

Also making it to our list of 10 best car seat of 2020 is this, Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat. If you need a convertible car seat and you are on a tight budget, then this is a good pick for you.

5 to 40 pounds infant can be protected in this convertible car seat, facing the rear and forward facing toddlers from 22 to 40 pounds.

Even though it’s not as expensive as other convertible car seat, it meets every Federal Safety Standard, and it is comfortable for your little one. It has a 5-point harness system with 4 shoulder strap positions which allows this convertible car seat to accommodate growing children longer.

The Evenflo Tribute LX convertible Car Seat has a super light and compact weight. So if you have a small car or you transit between different cars, or in case you do a lot of air travels, then this is a good option to consider.

Pros Cons
Light weight Height and weight limits are not impressive
Includes removable and washable seat pads The straps get twisted
Comes with removable cup holder Doesn’t have much padding

6. Best Harness-to-Booster Seat

Britax USA Grow with You ClickTight Harness-2-Booster Car Seat

If you were a lover of  the Britax Frontier, the newest model is the Grow with you ClickTight Harness-2-Booster Car Seat. Installation is a complete walk over, with the easy 3-step of open, thread and buckle, close! Its that simple.

The Britax ClickTight Harness-2-Booster is great for your child transitioning from a forward facing harness mode to belt positioning booster mode as your child grows from toddler to a little grown up.

You need not worry about the height and weight limits as it can take a maximum of 120 pounds and a minimum of 25 pounds. It is made with soft, comfortable pads that prevent your child’s neck from rubbing against the harness strap.

Pros Cons
Very comfortable Expensive
Easy installation Very heavy
Strong Quality
Great for long road trips

7. Best Booster Seat

Graco TurboBooster Grow High Back Booster Seat

The Graco TurboBooster Grow Highback Booster brings in a new spice to Car Seats, as it features the RightGuide Seat Belt Trainer, which is made with your big kid in mind.

It offets 3 modes of use for children 40-120 lb. It’s the only belt-positioning booster designed to grow with your big kid, transforming from a highback booster to a backless booster and finally to the RightGuide Portable Seat Belt Trainer.

The third mode offers a unique training stage to help keep your child properly positioned in the vehicle seat belt, allowing your big kid to feel enjoy and feel like a big kid.

It has a 7-position adjustable head rest, which is easy to use. It is Graco ProtectPlus Engineered, which helps to protect your little one from front, side, rear, and rollover crashes.

Pros Cons
Comfortable padding Does not tighten down firmly
Easy installation
Includes cup holders

8. Best Budget Booster Seat

Cosco Topside Backless Booster Car Seat (Leo)

If you are on a budget and looking for a booster car seat, then we recommend this Cosco Topside Backless Car Seat.

It earns a spot on our 10 Best Car Seat of 2020, as it securely fits in your car and gives your child the extra height they need to keep seatbelts properly positioned. It is suitable for growing kids, the seat holds kids weighing between 40 to 100 pounds and 43 to 57 inches in height.

It has extra plush padding on the seat, which makes long rides more comfortable. This booster seat includes a 1 year limited warranty.

Pros Cons
Light weight and compact design Seat cover is hand wash only
Comfortable padding
Will not leave marks of the car seat

9. Best Lightweight Infant Car Seat

Evenflo LiteMax 35 Infant Car Seat

The Evenflo LiteMax 35 Infant Car Seat is an easy-to-install and professionally designed infant carrier. It has been engineered and tested to meet or exceed all federal safety standards.

The LiteMax 35 Infant Car Seat is built with a simple-to-install base with a 2-step vehicle belt lock-off, allowing for secure and fast installation. It also offers 4 reclining options to optimize comfort.

This car seat includes a stay-in-car convenience base that makes things simple for parents. It’s a rear-facing infant car seat that fits newborns and babies from 4 to 35 pounds and 17 to 32 inches tall.

Evenflo’s baby seats include buckle pockets that tuck buckle tongues away for easier to load and unload, removable body and head pillows for improved comfort.

Pros Cons
Easy to instsll Canopy cover is difficult to adjust
Light weight for infant car seat
Machine washable covers

10. Best Safety Features

Britax Allegiance 3 Stage Convertible Car Seat 

On our list of 10 Best car seats of 2020, this car seat is our pick, when it comes to safety. It’s side impact protection, steel frame, impact absorbing base, and forward movement reducing v shaped tether are all design for the safety of child.

It’s easy clean up as you can remove the car seat cover without removing the harness. With the push button LATCH connectors and built in lock offs, car seat installation is an easy walk over.

The Britax Allegiance is safe and comfy for your little one while you’re on the go. Britax SafeCell Impact Protection is a system of safety features that provide advanced protection.

Pros Cons
Easy to install Not perfect to use on an airplane
Strong and Durable
Comfortable padding
Safe and secure

So, there you have it. Our 10 Best Car Seat of 2020! We are sure this post will help you make the best decision for a car seat, suitable for your precious little one.