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Best Smart Suitcases of 2024


Last Updated on April 26, 2024 by Dan Scott

Welcome to our review of the best smart suitcase. Traveling is fun but can be a lot of burdens especially when you’ve got luggage to carry along. With a smart suitcase, your trip would be easy and stress-free.

We’ve reviewed below the best smart suitcases in the market today. The smart suitcases we’ve reviewed are packed with top-notch features like worked in batteries to enable you to charge your device on the go, others have GPS systems worked in that enables the suitcase to follow you any were. In addition, they’re durable, lightweight, and portable.

So, without further ado, let’s head down to the list of the best smart suitcases we’ve discovered for you.

Buyers Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying a Smart Suitcase

Check the wheels: Wheels ought to be the main things to check while picking a smart suitcase. This part gets mishandled the most and when they break, it resembles driving on a punctured tire. As the quantity of wheels involves taste, it is prescribed to get some made of elastic rather than plastic. Likewise, check if it’s conceivable to supplant them separately in the event that you have to.

Check the handle: The following significant component is the handle, which ought to be adaptive and expanded effectively without wobbling or projecting. Side handles matter also and ought to be immovably connected to convey the heaviness of the suitcase and its substance.

Pick a notable brand: Regardless of what sort of smart suitcase you pick, mishaps can generally occur even with high-quality products. Consequently, pick a brand that offers a reasonable guarantee and assistance to fix your baggage.

Additional Features: A few models will accompany additional highlights, for example, an inherent combo lock that ties down flashes to the case, or a GPS beacon. These can be welcome however will build the heaviness of the baggage and conceivably the expense, so consider whether you truly need them.

Weight: The normal hold gear limit on long stretch economy flights is 23kg, so the heaviness of the case itself is critical – each kilo the sack weighs unloaded is one less you have for your pack.

Best smart suitcases Compilation Chart

Name Features Where to Buy


Comes with a built-in, ejectable battery Get it on Amazon


Unbreakable shell and combination lock for security Get it on Amazon

smart suitcase

Comes with Horizn GO assistant service Get it on Amazon


Comes with a built-in charger Get it on Amazon
Delsey Pluggage


powered by AAA batteries Get it on Amazon


built-in GPS Get it on Amazon

Best Smart Suitcases in Design



This case may seem as though it’s gotten away from Tron, yet its irregular looks mean it can go anyplace. The advanced structure adds gravity roll Wheel Technology, which the firm cases lets clients turn their case easily over any landscape, including a day off even down steps.

It’s not the lightest suitcase out there, yet it likewise incorporates a ‘G-RO power bank’ so you can charge your telephone in a hurry. Made with solid materials and with a lifetime ensure, it may be a decent choice for explorers whose long periods of carrying overwhelming rucksacks and remaining in inns are behind them.

Pros Cons
GravityRoll wheels are designed for all terrains Not the most attractive
The design maximizes storage space

Horizn’s cases are asserted to the world’s first to accompany an individual travel right hand, which means there’s a free year preliminary of the brand’s Horizn GO administration, which vows to go about as a virtual trip specialist, booking flights and inns for the client, just as recommending trips customized to a client’s inclinations and selective advantages.

In any case, maybe of increasingly commonsense advantage is that all the cases accompany a removable battery so you can charge your telephone at the air terminal, 360° spinner wheels to guarantee you move on through the takeoffs relax easily and an intense polycarbonate shell to keep your things unblemished.

Advertised at visit fliers, the Berlin-based brand’s M5 lodge baggage model has a front pocket produced using Italian leather and waterproof nylon and has enough space to hold a 15-inch workstation.

Pros Cons
Removable charger conforms to rules Only get a year’s subscription to GO

On the off chance that you’re tired of running for your door at the air terminal, at that point why not think about the Modobag? Rather than hauling a case around, this one will convey you, on the grounds that the sit-and-ride mechanized gear can help speed you through the air terminal at a top speed of 8mph.

There are adaptive handlebars so you can guide, and it can venture out up to six miles on a solitary charge, which is helpful in case of a defer when you can perform laps of the Responsibility Free.

It accompanies double USB charging focuses to ensure your telephone is all set as well. The disadvantages? It weighs 20lbs with nothing in it and in case you’re a devotee of having a loosening up tipple at the air terminal, you likely shouldn’t drive drunk!

Pros Cons
You can ride it You might look a bit strange
Comes with a built-in charger

Best Smart Suitcases in Price

The idea of your versatile running level at the air terminal can be nerve-wracking in the event that you use e-tickets or are heading out to someplace new where you need GPS. Away’s scope of bags means to take care of this issue, on account of their implicit batteries, which are ejectable to fit in with new aircraft arrangements.

Clients can plug their telephone, tablet, and different contraptions into the ports incorporated with the module. The case arrives in a selection of sizes, yet all have an unbreakable polycarbonate shell, TSA-affirmed mix lock, and 360-degree swiveling wheels.

For your internal perfect oddity, there’s a concealed clothing pack and an inside pressure framework, which is convenient in the event that you like to shop on vacation. What’s more, the best part is that there is an astonishing selection of colors to make your pack stand apart from the remainder of the baggage merry go round.

Pros Cons
Includes an ejectable battery Non found

In case you’re enthusiastic about shopping and worry about your stuff remittance in transit home, this case may be for you. Samsonite’s Pixon go has a worked in scales so you can generally ensure you’re inside the weight recompense and don’t get suckered for additional expenses at the registration work area.

The thought is that you can fill their case (to blasting point in the event that you should) at that point take a look at the scales alongside the handle to put your psyche very still or assist you with reconsidering your pressing decisions.

The case’s square-shaped shape amplifies volume, while puts ‘pixel’ speck structure on the shell encourages it to remain smooth and limits the presence of scratches.

Pros Cons
Affordable Not the most eye-catching
Handy for checking in

Best Smart Suitcases in Features

Delsey Pluggage


Most smart suitcases run on lithium-particle batteries, however, this current one’s fueled by AAA batteries.

That implies it conforms to aircraft limitations and you don’t have to evacuate the batteries before you check your pack.

The drawback is it can’t charge your telephone, yet you can even now gauge your heap, open it with your unique mark, and track its area from an application.

The pack itself is 100% polycarbonate and had smooth abounding in our assessments.

Pros Cons
powered by AAA batteries Expensive
100% polycarbonate



This very well might be the coolest smart suitcase you’ve ever seen.

The robotic suitcase has a tracking camera to chase after you on its own –for example, you’ll never need to wheel or bring your gear through an air terminal again.

It likewise has a removable battery to charge your telephone and implicit GPS so you don’t need to stress over losing it.

Pros Cons
has a removable battery Expensive
built-in GPS

How We Picked

We relied on the opinion of experts and feedback of users based on three major factors: Features, Price, and Durability.

More facts and data about these smart suitcases were gotten from deep research and online reviews. With the result and feedback we got (both positive and negative), we were able to rank each product according to the standard we set.

Looking at our review, each suitcase has been carefully categorized according to our research result. Also, take note that the suitcases that didn’t meet our standard were not included among this list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is hard luggage better than soft?

Today’s hard-shell or hard-sided luggage is made with cutting edge plastics, for example, ABS and polycarbonate, which are lightweight and solid. It might offer better security than delicate sided stuff since it can’t be torn open as effectively and for the most part, has incorporated locks. Aluminum luggage can be significantly increasingly secure

Do airlines prefer hard or soft luggage?

In the event that you need adaptability, soft suitcases are the best approach to go. Soft bags are progressively regular than hard-shell luggage, particularly for convey on luggage, and are simpler to press into tight overhead compartments. These sacks may likewise ingest stun superior to their formed partners


If you’ve read this review, it implies you’re searching for the best smart suitcases for your next trip and we’re totally sure you must have found one or two among our list that you’ll like to purchase. If that be the case, kindly ensure you check all the necessary details of your preferred choice before purchasing.